Glee: McHale says Criss still feels gay


Kevin McHale from Glee decided to make a joke; he said that Darren Criss “isn’t actually gay but still feels gay”. As we know, Criss is straight, but he played gay man Blaine Anderson. That’s why Criss got a lot of queer fans now. The thing is, that the majority of fans are still sure that Criss is gay in the real life because he played gay teenager excellent. Kevin McHale, who played Arti in this musical sensation, just joked. He made a post on his Twitter saying: “What’s something that is notgay at all but still feels gay to you?” Moreover, McHale shared a GIF of Darren Criss. This Tweet was posted on the November, 11. Since that time this Tweet got more than 40,000 likes. Criss decided to joke in response and answered by sharing two GIFs from Schitt’s Creek; the first GIF depicted David Rose who says “Thank you”, the second one shows Alexis Rose saying “it means so much for me.”


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