German trans man wants justice as he was sterilized to legally transition


A German man who was forced to undergo sterilization in order to change the gender marker in his legal documents into male now demands the German government to compensate his struggle and to officially apologize. Tsepo Bollwinkel said he was “eager to follow the rules, even if they sounded insane” when authorities insisted he could not be legally considered a man until he underwent a mandatory sterilization surgery in 1994. Now, more than 25 years after his own procedure, Bollwinkel is fighting for compensation for himself and potentially thousands of other trans people like him. Until 2011, trans people were required to be “permanently infertile” and to have “undergone surgery which has changed his or her external sexual characteristics and which has resulted in clearly approaching the person’s appearance to that of the other gender” to be legally able to c hange their gender marker.


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