Homophobic Christians threaten to legally challenge marriage equality in Northern Ireland


London-based evangelical lobbying group Christian Institute has said that Northern Ireland secretary Julian Smith could face legal action if there is not an immediate move to bring forward “free speech protections” for those who oppose same-sex marriages. The group’s deputy director Simon Calvert claimed in a release that he was concerned that as marriage equality came to the country then the police would arrest church leaders for preaching the Biblical view of marriage as a monogamous heterosexual union. “People will speak plainly on both sides of this issue. It must be a free debate and a free-flowing exchange of ideas, not a spectacle involving people being arrested.” He added. Although, LGBT campaigners ensure that nobody will ever forbid church ministers to preach the Bible. It is and will always be forbidden to deliberately abuse and offend someone because of being LGBT, either in churches or elsewhere, but people who preach the real Christian values of loving your neighbor as much as your love yourself will never do it anyway.


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