Man charged with ‘making homophobic and racist remarks before hitting woman with a bin’


20-year-old Robbie Lynch has been accused of a verbal abuse against a man and a woman (meaning that he was swearing at them and yelling racist and homophobic slurs) and an aggressive behavior towards one more woman (meaning that he allegedly threw a bin at her) on December 29 2019. Lynch pleaded not guilty to all the charges and was free on bail pending trial (until April). The alleged incident took place just weeks after reports that homophobia is on the rise among young people. Galop’s Hate Crime Report 2019 found that 18- to 24-year-olds are increasingly polarized on LGBT+ rights, with one in four believing that being LBGT+ is “immoral or against their beliefs”. And this proportion among the Generation Z is much higher than among previous generations. The report found that young people were also the most likely age group to think that LGBT+ people are a “danger” to others, but are also the most likely to believe queer and trans people “should be able to live as they wish”.


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