Meet new lesbian sheriff who wants to repair trust in police


Meet new lesbian sheriffCharmaine McGuffey. McGuffey became the very first queer sheriff. She is very proud to be the first in the county [Hamilton County]. As a sheriffMcGuffey will do everything possible to repair trust in police by using her position. The thing is that she has been fired for her sexuality recently. But she couldn’t bear it and decided to beat her ex-boss in the Democratic primary. McGuffey went ahead with her campaign on LGBT platform that highlighteddiscrimination she experienced. She finds it unfair that some people are under the fire for who they are but not for what they’ve done. That’s why she said it was very important that she has such experience ones because she knows what she has to do to improve the police. “I want that not only police but other citizens to be involved. I will do my best to force police to be transparent,” McGuffey explained. The first her step is to reform the department because she wants to “weed out the bad apples.”


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