Trans woman becomes a mother to eight orphaned kids


There are so many people who deserve to be honored. Manisha from Pakhanjur in Chhattisgarh (India), whose parents abandoned her in her childhood, became a mother to eight orphans. It’s an excellent example of people who don’t want other suffer as they did. Manisha decided to take 1 boy and 7 girls under her wing to make children happier. Manisha isn’t reach; sometimes she tries even to make ends meet but it doesn’t bother her to provide 8 kids with loving home they deserve. “It’s the worst feeling when a child suffers from pain of not being cared. I had such experience. When I came across a child who has no family, I took this child home,”Manisha explained. When Manisha was 5 her parents left her to starve. She said that she had a tough childhood; she starved. That’s why Manishadecided to vow to herself that when she grows up, she will share love and help children who have no family.


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