Anuna de Wever received rape and death threats


Anuna de Wever, a teenager from Belgium, decided to spread the fight against climate crisis. She was inspired by well-known Greta Thunberg, a girl, who started her strike for climate in her school two years ago. Wever was one of the first students who made this strike spreading. She though she makes a good and important thing. But many people didn’t accept it. As a result, Wever faced rape and death threats. This is exactly what you can get back when you want to save the world; yes, crazy world. Anuna de Wever recollected how important it was for people like Thunberg and she to organize such strikes; their strikes became very popular. But she told they receive sometimes extreme abuse. “It is so horrible. Now you make everything possible to make this world better, and then you got a lot of death threats; some people say they come and rape me or beat me up,”Wever told. But teenager said even death threats couldn’t stop her to change this world.


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