Bangladesh: the very first college for transgender Muslims


Don’t you know who can you make history? Here is a story for you to motivate. Dhaka (Bangladesh) opened first Islamic college. This college called Dawatul Quran Third Gender Madrasa is only for transgender Muslims. Dawatul Quran Third Gender Madrasa opened his doors for student on the 6th of November; on its opening day 40 transgender people became its students. The collage will wait for 150 students. What does this college propose? Here you can learn about Islamic teaching or even receive technical education. Some students shared their feeling about the college opening. “It’s so unfair; I was expelled from school because my teachers realised I am transgender. I am so happy now to have this opportunity. I have full access to education again,” 27-years-old student Nishi explained. The founder of Quran Third Gender Madrasa is so happy to provide transgender people with education.


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