Homophobic teacher sacked for likening gay people to animals got his job back


Razwan Faraz, 39, had been employed as deputy head teacher of the Nansen Primary School in Birmingham, but was sacked in 2015 for saying that gay people were like animals. Less than 5 years on, he is back to school as a parenting coach, it has been announced. According to The Times, Razwan Faraz was photographed presenting workshops to a full classroom of teachers. Razwan Faraz had appealed his dismissal, but in July 2018 lost his case when employment tribunal judge Richard Hutchinson found that his comments had nothing to do with his religious beliefs he had claimed to have been discriminated against by. In his messages the teacher did not even mention which religion he practiced, they were simply full of hate towards gay people. The newspaper reports that another figure linked to the Trojan Horse scandal, Tahir Alam, had been involved in the campaign against LGBT+ inclusive sex education in the city – despite being banned from working in schools.


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