Washington MillionMAGA march: racism and homophobia by Trump supporters


The Million MAGA March took place in Washington on November 14. Among the participants there were a lot of Trump supporters. All these people demanded homosexual marriages to be banned, especially for Blacks and Indians. Trump supporters wanted to back theclaims that presidential election 2020 was fraudulent. Some of anti-queer far-right groups decided to attend this march; among such groups we could notice Proud Boys. Alex Jones, who described queer community as bunch of pedophiles, attended this march too. You could see a lot of placards and T-shirts with anti-LGBT slogans; some of them were very shocking even for news anchors. Donald Trump couldn’t miss this march; he drove through the crown and waved to his supporters. What march can end peacefully? The Million MAGA is not exception; violence broke out betweencounter protesters and Trump supporter. As a result, some people were arrested.


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