Two men were kicked out of the bar for dancing together


Two male BFFs, one gay and one straight, were kicked out of a bar and told that a man can dance with a woman but not with another man. Trey May shared two videos on Twitter which show him dancing with a straight man, a friend of his and his boyfriend’s. At the end of the clip, a staff member approaches the group. In the second video, the group can be seen standing outside the bar, which May branded to be a very homophobic place. “Just got kicked out for dancing with someone who wasn’t even my boyfriend. So if you’re ever in this area in Puerto Rico please do not go. These people are very homophobic,” the man said. “Greetings, everything was a misunderstanding, nobody threw them away, they were only asked to go outside since they had also lit an electronic cigarette, those who quickly get frustrated are you and quickly defame what is not. That’s all I say, I just ask you not to continue commenting on something that is not real. Goodnight,” the bar’s spokesperson said.


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