Vegan pro-Trump café closes its doors after Biden won


Vegan pro-Trump café in Sydney(Australia) is about to close is door for visitors in a month. This café declared itself as safe space for Trump supporters and it welcomed only straight people. Vegan local had big plans, but everything crashed after Joe Biden became US president. Waterloo-based company Hale & Hearty announced on Instagram that it closes down. Later company deleted this post and even its Instagram account. The reason of its closure is that Mark De Costa, who is Hale & Hearty’s owner, was under fire for transphobic, homophobic and racist abuse against company’s customers. After backlashDe Costa decided to declare Hale & Hearty “Trump safe zone”. Buthe failed; De Costa announced on 16 November that Hale & Hearty closes its doors on 22 November. Well, Biden’s victory can change your plans.


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