Julián Castro quits Presidential race


The only Latino among the Presidential hopefuls, and also the prominent supporter of the LGBT community, has announced that he is dropping his candidature from the Democratic primaries in the USA. The former housing secretary and mayor of San Antonio, Texas, said on January 2 that he had a heavy heart to say so, but it was simply not the right time. “I’m not done fighting,” Castro, 45, added, though he gave no indication of his immediate plans. “I’ll keep working towards a nation where everyone counts, a nation where everyone can get a good job, good health care and a decent place to live,” the former housing secretary and mayor of San Antonio, TX, added in his 4-minute-long video announcement, “ I’m so proud of everything we’ve accomplished together. I’m going to keep fighting for an America where everyone counts—I hope you’ll join me in that fight”.


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