Billy Porter: Trans love story saves cinemas


Pose star Billy Portermakes directorial debut; remember feature film What If?You can enjoy soon this beautiful story. What If?shows us a story about transgender ten who finds big love; Khal (17), Student of high school, falls in love with histransgender classmate Kelsa.KhalandKelsashould live through terrors of senior year at school together as a couple. Screenplay was written by Alvaro García Lecuona, bigender and bisexual screenwriter. Porter is very proud that he is a director of such interesting picture that tells stories from all types of people. He is sure that these stories will be mainstream. Porter said that such hitters as Alana Mayo and Christine Vachon impressed him and empowered. It should be mentioned that film What If?was on the first annual GLAAD List where different screenplays were represented. This drama should touch you.


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