Yuni Carey’s husband stabbed her to death


There are more and more trans victims. Yuni Carey, pregnant 39-years-old transgender queen and activist from Miami (Florida), became a victim this time. The most horrible thing is that she was killed by her husband Ygor Arrudasouza. He admitted that he stabbed Carey with fork and knife. Moreover, when Arrudasouza did it, he was high on meth. Police found trans woman in her own apartment on November 17. The same day, Arrudasouza decided to call the police early in the morning and to confess that he stabbed her wife with fork and knife. He added also that drug guilty. He also explained why he did it; Carey said him that she had much better man than he is and it made him mad. That’s why he took a knife and started stabbing her. He continued to stab her till the moment when he understood she is already dead. Arrudasouza is in Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center now; he was charged of murder.


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