IBM apologises for firing transgender computer pioneer; it’s been years


It tool IBM 52 years to apologise for their act; they fired Lynn Conway, computer pioneer, who was transgender. Lynn Conway started working for IBM Research in 1964. She was very clever worker and made important contribution to the company; transgender woman made major innovations in Very Large Scale Integrated chip systems. Moreover, her discoveries were used in smartphones, Internet and even national defence. 4 years after she began her career, she lost everything; company’s medical director decided to out Conway to her Chief Executive Officer and he fired her. Transgender woman tried to do everything for her family, but she was threatened by the Social Services.Conway worked at Memorex Corporation as computer architect, and then she moved Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre. She worked also for VLSI. In 1985, she became a professor of computer science and electrical engineering as well at the University of Michigan. Now she finally got vindication at the age of 82.


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