India marriage equality closer: Top court joins up three cases


LGBT people in India are dreaming about same-sex marriages. Maybe, marriage equality is not as impossible as it seems. Indian Top court tried to make government react last week (November 19). This court has three main goals; its Justices demand rearranging marriage laws that already exist, Hindu Marriage Act [HMA]as well asSpecial Marriage Act [SMA]. Central government of India has only 4 weeks to react and to respond to this plea. The main point of this plea is that there is no difference between mixed and same-sex marriages; this is exactly the loophole queer activists try always pounce on. Similar petitions from activists have been already responded in September. It’s not a secret that queer activists try always to find and to use legal loopholes. They just want marriage to be equal. The thing is that there is no ban on marriage equality in statute and people are sure that this ban is unconstitutional discrimination.


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