AJ Pritchard isn’t gay


Do you still think A Celeb starAJ Pritchard is gay? Sorry, we should disappoint you now. As we know, AJ Pritchard hasn’t given any comments about his sexual orientation yet. He just said that he doesn’t want to label himself. But his girlfriend Abbie Quinnen decided to make it clear for everybody. “I’m 100 per cent positive thatPritchard is not gay,” Quinnen explained. But she also said that Pritchard thinks love is love and it doesn’t matter who you love. Quinnen also added that they have many gay friends and they always support them. “Its’ okay when you are a boy and you have a boyfriend or when you are a girl and you have a girlfriend. I am straight, but I am sure love is love,” Quinnen added. AJ Pritchard said ones on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK that when he started dancing at the age of 12, he faced stigma. That’s why he doesn’t define her sexuality publicly.


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