BBC criticised for homophobic slurs


Now you can hear racist slurs on BBC Radio London show. Iain Leecriticised channel because its caller used racist slurs and even anti-gay remarks on air, and BBC allowed it. Gursharonjit “Shay” and Mandeep “Sunny” didn’t react when caller made racist slurs and just let him remain on air. This incident happened on the last Friday while they broadcasters discussed board games. It was devoted to National Monopoly Day (November 20). “I live in London but I’m from Greece. I enjoy playing Monopoly. When I was in Greece, I’ve played a game where I was a white nationalist and kill all the n***s and gays. I just hate n-words and gays,” caller said. Sunny just thanked caller for this story and asked if he wants to add something. “Yes. I want to add I f**king hate n***s,” called added. Moreover, caller repeated it 8 times. Broadcaster Iain Leecriticised BBC Radio London show for these racist and homophobic slurs.


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