Julianne Hough’s husband wants to explore his sexuality better


America’s Got Talent judge Julianne Hough has officially come out as queer (she actually used words ‘not straight’) in August 2019, and her NHL star husband was the first to hear it from her. She came out to him saying how much she loves him – she is attracted not only to men, she had more options to choose from when it came to dating, loving and getting married, but she still chose him. Not only he was touched, he also decided to reconsider the views on his own sexuality. Marking the New Year on Instagram, Laich filled in the blanks of a questionnaire created by wife setting out his goals for 2020. In the space labeled “I want to learn”, he wrote: “More about intimacy and my sexuality”. He also added “I want to be more open to all things and present in my relationships” and “I am most excited about stepping into a new version of me”.I t is never too late to learn, though.


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