Bishop quits if Church of England will be no more so homophobic


The Bishop of Blackburnannounces that he won’t quit if Church of England continues to be against same-sex marriage and LGBT relationships. This month it became known that Church of England started trying to make steps forward to regarding LGBT efforts. It was announced that the Church won’t come to a conclusion till 2022, but it was promised that the Church will have more inclusive view. The reason is Living in Love and Faith project where the Archbishop of Canterbury acknowledgedthat the Churchmade huge damage and hurton the LGBT community. Julian Henderson wasn’t so impressed with this plan. He said he will fight for traditional teaching of the church. He even threatened that he quits. The Bishop of Blackburn is sure that there could be a big split in the Church connected with teachings on sexuality.It’s not the first time when Henderson expresses his anti-LGBT views.


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