Canadian government asks citizens whether they feel comfortable among LGBT people


In a preliminary assessment to better understand the challenges faced by LGBT Canadians, the wing of the government conducted the survey to find out whether the country’s folks feel comfortable co-existing with their queer co-citizens. Around 91.8 per cent said that would be comfortable if a next-door neighbor were gay, lesbian or bisexual, and 87.6 per cent would be comfortable if that neighbor were trans. 90.5% of respondents would feel comfortable to have a queer boss, only 7% would be uncomfortable about it. 88.2% would feel ok about lesbian, gay or bisexual doctor, while for trans doctors the rating is lower – 79.9%. The researchers say that of course there i9s a lot of work to be done in direction of total equality, but the survey confirmed that Canada is LGBT-friendly country and its people have no issue with the members of the rainbow community in most cases. The survey was conducted by the Privy Council Office, the department that supports the work of the Prime Minister’s Office. Weekly polls are part and parcel of the PCO, and for the survey on the week of July 26, the body included six questions that gauged Canada’s attitudes towards queer folk.


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