Heartbreaking letter to Santa: “If God loves me for being gay”


This is for sure the most heartbreaking letter to Santa you’ve ever read. According to the United States Postal Service’ Operation Santa, they received extraordinary letter little Boy Will wrote to Father Christmas. Will wrote in his letter:“Dear Father Christmas, I just want to ask youif you support the LGBT community.And one more favour;If youcan speak to our God, tell him pleas that I love him.And ask him pleas if God loves me for being gay?” This heartbreaking letter was share on Twitter where it attracted a real huge response, especially from LGBT community. People started to make suggestions. One use wrote that this boy doesn’t receive love from her family he need because happy children don’t ask write such letters. Other people wrote that they had the same questions when they were kids. “Who told this bay Santa and God don’t love him only because he is a gay?” one man wrote. One proud mother wrote that she does everything her kids to know that God loves them.


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