Melania was not permitted tolight the White House in rainbow colours


Melania Trump had a great idea to light the White Housein rainbow colours. In such way she wanted Pride Month to be celebrated. Unfortunately, she wasn’t permitted to do it. We have already enjoyed White Housein rainbow colours; it was 5 years ago when Obama was President. Melania wanted to do the same thing as an act of solidarity for the Pride Months in June. But staff chief Mark Meadowsdecided to block these attempts; he doesn’t want queer community to be supported. Moreover, Meadows made the White Housecompletely ignore the biggest celebration of June. Meadows contributed also that Donald Trump didn’t acknowledge such celebrations on social Media (Twitter). It is believed that Meadows was instrumental that Melania forbidden from lightening the White Housein rainbow colours. Surprisingly, Melania said she is shocked that people think Donald holds anti-LGBT views.


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