Russell Tovey and his letter to God


Russell Tovey (39)has always wondered if could be an actor. That’s why he being a teenager decided to write a letter to God and ask him directly if he would make it as famous actor.Tovey told his wayof becoming an actor. Tovey said he decided to test God when he was 18. He said you have to pay for this letter if you want to ask something God; it cost 30p. The answer shocked him because it read: “You’re more Littlewoods than Hollywood.” Yes, he wasn’t impressed. Tovey decided to be an actor after he watched Dead Poets Society (1989) and Robin Williams inspired him. He told it was real pleasure for him to create different characters for viewers, he wanted people have emotions while watching him. Now he is so happy. “My role in The History Boys is like singing in a famous boys band; screaming crowds greet me everywhere,” Tovey explained. Although Tovey was told that his sexuality would hinder his actor career, he was always comfortable with that.


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