Sanna Marin backs self-ID for trans people


Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin wants that transgender people will be able to self-identify lawful. That’s why she announced her plans; she is working on reforming Trans Act. Marin was asked ones if trans women are women, but she answered that it is not her job to identify other people, they should do it by themselves. As we know, current Trans Act is very controversial as it demands that transgender people make mental health screenings. Moreover, trans people should make sterilisation if they want to get lawful recognition of their gender. As we know, it’s a human rights violation according to The European Court of Human Rights. It could be already a bill reform three years ago, but the majority of MP’s didn’t support it. Sanna Marin is planning to put new bill to reform next year. And now, it is the first time in history when all 5 parties will support this reform. Activists have been dreaming about this reform for so long. And now, they have to wait a couple of months more.


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