Teacher murdered and ate man from dating app


Think twice before downloading dating apps. A German teacherStefan R (41), who decided to meet a man from dating app, is now the suspected cannibal. Police that investigates discovery of human remains arrested him on the 19th of November. The reason was that sniffer dogs led police to Stefan’s apartment. As it turned out, a German teacher killed another man, Stefan Trogisch (44), he met on gay dating app. It’s been two month after Trogisch left his home and didn’t come back, his flatmates told. Her leg bones were found in park almost three weeks ago. It let local police to apartment of Stefan R. When police came to this apartment, they discovered bone saw with blood. Moreover, Stefan R had chemicals that dissolve human tissue. This Monday, police found more human bones and of course, these bones were remains of that man. Police came to the conclusion, that Stefan Ris interested in cannibalism.


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