Trans man and his non-binary partner have a baby with a help of a trans female sperm donor and the doctor was also trans


According to the Sunday Mirror, Brighton wedding photographer Reuben Sharpe, 39, began taking hormones as part of his transition 12 years ago. Around six years later, he started to think about becoming a father, because he realized that without a family the life is incomplete. He asked a doctor (who was also transgender) whether he was still fertile and able to carry a baby of his own, and the doctor assured that he was. Three years after that, he met his current partner Jay, and they also wanted a baby, so they started seeking variants, and Reuben stopped taking hormones first of all. The couple decided to ask someone they knew, a trans woman, to be their sperm donor to fertilize Reuben’s eggs, which was successfully done from the second attempt. The baby named Jamie arrived 4 months ago and is completely healthy.


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