Homophobes smash gay man’s face just for existing


Homophobia is everywhere. Major-Troon Collis (24) became victim of homophobic abuse. It happened on 12 November. It was the day when Collis collectedmedication at Boots (Camborne, Cornwall). He told when he came closer to Boots entrance, two men and one woman pass an awful comment on his appearance. This group called Collis a faggot. When he was at store, a man said him he should exit store because this man wants to smashCollis his face in. But Collis made a clever decision; he decided to ignore that man and not to rise to his abuse and aggression.Collis said he faces such an abuse every day but he is sure he doesn’t deserve it at all. “I said nothing wrong and I did nothing wrong. I just collected my medication,” he explained. Collis also found it important to report this incident he experienced on the 12 Novemberto Devon and Cornwall Police. In turn, Police are investigating this incident.


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