Lawsuit against Starbucks: A Christian woman had to wear a rainbow Pride t-shirt


Betsy Fresse from New Jersey, a former barista, decided to file a lawsuit against Starbucks. The reason of this lawsuit is that Fresse had to wear a Pridet-shirt, but she refused to do it and Starbucks fired a woman. A former barista has worked for Starbucks for two years and changed two branches (the first in Hoboken, the second in Glen Ridge). A woman said she told her former employers about her religious beliefs. When she was already in Glen Ridge, it was a Pride month and workers had to wear rainbow Pride t-shirts. Manager told Fresse she isn’t required to wear such t-shirt, but later Starbucks helpline of ethics and compliance contacted her and fired. Fresse said that the reason of it was her comportment was not in compliance with values of Starbucks. A woman added also that she is not hostile to LGBT community; she just said that according to the Bible, there is only one marriage possible – between a man and a woman.


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