Sam Smith wants to open gay bar in Cambridge


Of course, many celebrities have business ideas and Sam Smith (28) isn’t the exception. Singer told her fans about his big dream; he wants to open a queer nightclub. Smith said that queer night life is very important for his as well as for the community. That’s why singer has an idea to open a queer club someday Cambridge and it will be called Crunchy. He chose Cambridge because it is the place when Smithgrew up and there is no gay bar at all till now. Moreover, singer also shared his plans about children and family. Singer said he wants two kids or none at all.“I love children. I want to be with them every minute. I want to watch my kids gro. I want to enjoy every moment of their life. I want to be mummy,” Smithsaid. His big plan is to become a parent till 35. He is sure that this dream comes true, but later because now he has a lot of things to do; he wants to sing to peopleand to do his job.


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