Nigerian man was flogged for being gay


A Nigerian man has revealed he was flogged 14 times for one day in attempt to ‘cure’ his homosexuality. In 2014, former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the “same-sex marriage prohibition act (SSMPA)” which ruled that homosexual relationships in any form are illegal in Nigeria and punishable with up to 14 years in jail. In an interview with the BBC the man, who asked to remain anonymous for his safety, said that his Christian upbringing and extremely homophobic surrounding damaged him, as he was made believe that he did not deserve to exist because of his ‘abomination’. As he revealed to his sister he was gay, she immediately called a ‘prophet’ to ‘save’ her brother from the ‘demonic’ homosexuality. “He would come in at intervals to do some ‘spiritual exercises’, as he said, which included stripping me naked and flogging me and all that,” the man told BBC, “The first day he continued, he did it about seven times. Coming at different intervals for seven times. He did the same thing the second day, it became 14 times. Then on the third day, out of exhaustion and the pains I was going through, I passed out.”


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