Joe Exotic hoped for pardon and thought $10,000 could help him


Do you want President excuses you? Then you have to spend $10,000 in his hotel. But do you think it helps? Joe Exotic hoped it works. His ream ran up a $10,000 bill at presidential hotel. In such way they hoped to persuade Trump to pardon Joe Exotic. As we know, Tiger King star was convicted last year. Moreover, Exotic has to spend 22 years in prison; he was engaged in for plotting to kill Carole Baskin, violated Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act. It turned out that representatives of Exotic corresponded with Washington officials because they hoped for pardon for him. His team make such attempt since March when Trump said that he would probably “take a look” into zoo owner’s case. Unfortunately for Joe Exotic, Donald Trump has not made any comments of this situation yet. But Exotic’s representatives let him know that they will continue doing it again.


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