LGBT community in China demands recognition


There are so many countries where LGBT communities demand their recognition. China is not the exception. Queer people demand to be counted there too as country’s censusof 1. November doesn’t recognise same-sex couples. Chinesegovernment makes census every 10 years. People are asked about relationship to head of household. LGBT activists (LGBT Rights Advocacy China itself) called queer people for answering this question by saying that there is no their roommate, this is their partner. According to the director of LGBT Rights Advocacy ChinaPeng Yanzi, people in China started to recognize queer community. But he said the problem is that government and its system hasn’t kept up with the times. Queer people have fears; that’s why they still say that their roommate is their friend or brother etc. We hope that situation changes till the next census in 10 years.


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