Joe Exotic team: “It wasn’t $10,000, it was $14,000”


We have already reported yesterday that Joe Exotic team tried to spend $10,000 at Donald Trump hotel. They tried to do it because they wanted President excuses Tiger King star. As we know, Zoo owner was convicted last year and got 22 years imprisonment. But he understood it is too long for him. That’s why he and his representatives hope to persuade President to pardon him. Exoticteam tried to correspond with Washington officials. In March DonaldTrump said he would maybe“take a look” into Joe Exotic’s case. But was it a clever decision to run up a $10,000 bill at presidential hotel? As it turned out, it wasn’t $10,000. Insider said that the information about spending $10,000 is wrong. This bill is incorrect. He added it was actually more than $14,000. Is it really truth or nor, nobody knows. But we know for sure, Exotic team is so faithful. And maybe, tomorrow they say they spent more than $20,000. Who knows?


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