Police officer called protestor gay just for wearing shirts


Are you a police officer and you want to be suspended for 10 days? Then you should call another person gay. It happened to Ryan Seweryn from Texas, a police officer. Someone filmed the incident when Seweryn called a man gay dude with the shorts in the black shirt. He told it to his colleagues while it was filming. IN such way, police officer breached responsibility to thepolicy of the community. According to the investigation, he used wrong and even stereotype referring to another person. Moreover, it is not the first suspension; Seweryn had already one two months ago. “I would call a person gay when this person were clothes that women wear. I would describe such person as gay. Not because I assume sexuality based on clothes, but just because he is sure people wear such clothes at Prides,” explained Seweryn. He is not disappointed and doesn’t think he said something wrong. He states he violated any APD orders.


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