Samuel Kurtz apologized for his homophobic tweets


Why should we repeat it again? Think twice before making homophobic comments on social media. Samuel Kurtz, Welsh parliament candidate from 30 November, forgot it and made a mistake. While celebrating this announcement, he faced backlash for some homophobic comments he made 8 years ago. Did he think we forget it? Oh, no, users remember all you’ve said and done.Kurtz made tweets using word “gay” to insult other people. He used also the hashtag “no homo”. Moreover,Kurtz decided to make sexist comments about women.Yes, it’s really awful. One Twitter user even wrote: “OMG, he’s even not bright enough to delete his old homophobic tweets before running for parliament. Congratulations!” The most interesting thing is that his old comments were posted in response to a Tweet Welsh Conservatives made to celebrate Samuel Kurtz. To defend his behaviour, Kurtz said he was so young when he wrote these tweets. He apologized for making such comments.


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