Lorraine Kelly responded to Sharron Davies


“Am I the only person fed up of drag shows? A parody of what a real woman is, like black face,” swimmer Sharron Davies tweeted. The daytime TV host, who is a friend of LGBT community, was quick to tell the athlete that she just did not realize how powerful the art of drag may be, especially for the LGBT community who are often feel disrespected, rejected, unaccepted and isolated, but within the drag culture they are liberated and they find friends and supporter, they find a new loving family that teaches them that they are worthy, and it can literally save their lives, they will learn to love themselves and to embrace their uniqueness. And finally, drag is fun. Lorraine is a vocal supporter of the LGBT+ community and a staunch trans ally, recently saying that she’s “very uncomfortable” with the current trend of broadcasters inviting anti-trans commentators on-air to “debate” trans equality.


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