Bisexual man has to pay his wife for hiding his sexuality


Bisexual attorney from Spain Javier Vilaltahas to pay damages to ex-wife because she claims he hid his real sexuality. They are not together anymore since 11 years. They were together almost 20 years and were married 3 years. Being in relationship, sexuality Vilalta began to change; Vilalta said when he got married, he was 100% heterosexual, but later, after break up he realized that he is bisexual. He decided to tell about this her ex-wife 2016 (7 years after break up) and she found it important to pursue legal action because she was sure her ex-husband always was homosexual. Moreover, she alleged that Vilalta used her as a social refuge because he wanted to hide he is homosexual. She demanded €10,000 as compensation. According to his lawyer, Vilaltahas never lied to his wife. It’s crazy, but court ruled against Vilalta. It’s so unfair trial. Bisexual attorney has to pay €3,000 his ex-wife.


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