200,000 supported Trevor Wilkinson by signing a petition


Do you remember Trevor Wilkinson we‘ve already reported about this week? He is 17-years-old student of Clyde High School in Texas, who painted his nails and came to school. School officials decided to suspend him because he broke the dress codewhich prohibits painted nails for male students.Wilkinson wasn’t agreeing with that and told about this incident on social media. Later, Wilkinsonlaunched a petition on Change.org demanding school changes dress code. Surprisingly, this Change.org petition was signed already by 200,000 people. Moreover, Wilkinson was invited to Good Morning America. In such way, this incident became nationwide. More and more people started supporting Trevor and demanding justice. Clyde High Schooltries to make some amends. They asked Wilkinson to take off his nails. Special meeting devoted to this incident took place today. Although school officials tried to find a middle ground, he could not do that. Wilkinson said he will do his best to end double standard policy at his school.


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