Dwyane Wade uses female pronouns referring to his elder child


Speaking on the Showtime basketball podcast All the Smoke, Wade responded compliments of his parenting by saying that he actually becomes a better person learning from his two kids. For example, he wished to be as strong and brave as 12-year-old Zion, of whom he said: “I’ve watched my son, from day one, become into who she now eventually has come into”. He then said that every parent’s goal is to make their children happy, and to do so they need to teach them that they are powerful, their voice is heard and they can express themselves the way they want if it makes them happy, even if there are too many haters who would try to limit them. Zion identifies as gender-fluid and did not specify their pronouns. The NBA star discussed the abuse his family received after posting a Thanksgiving photo which showed Zion wearing a crop top and acrylic nails. He said: “Our family is about supporting each other, no matter, no matter… We have togetherness. I keep telling my kids they’re going to make mistakes in life, but I keep telling them how proud I am of them because they’re growing into who they want to be”


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