Indya Moore takes care of trans kids


Such celebrities as Indya Moore just deserve to be respected. Pose star tries to do her best for trans kids this Christmas; she wants they to be love and appreciated. That’s why she became a member of a new campaign on social media. The mains goal of this campaign is to connect people who can help with transgender homeless teens and kids in foster care. These are such kids who don’t get any presents this year. There is an Instagram page TranSanta where you can read hundreds of heartbreaking letters of trans kids. It was important for Indya Moore to show these kids that someone takes care of them. More and trans rights lawyer Chase Strangio decided that after this difficult and even violent year transgender children deserved to be loved. According to survey, more transgender people have been killedin 2020 than any other since records started. Moreover, around 40% of transgender people faced homelessness and tried to commit suicide. It happened because trans people have any support. That’s why Moore called for supporting queer community.


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