JK Rowling is in trouble with the transgender community again


The ‘mother’ of Harry Potter has positioned herself as an ally for years, but there is at least one part of the rainbow community she is definitely not ready to stand for. Rowling came back to Twitter after almost three-month break and came out in support for Maya Forstater, who was plunged into a landmark case which tested whether anti-trans views would be considered as a protected characteristic under the 2010 Equalities Act. As we reported earlier today, it did not. Rowling issued a short statement on her Twitter outlining that she believed in everybody’s right to love whoever they want, wear whatever they want and identify themselves however they want, but at the same time she believed that firing a woman for saying that ‘sex is real’ was not right. Moreover, Rowling’s tweet came after she came under fire for a similar situation in which she followed a “proud transphobe” on Twitter alongside when she liked a series of tweets that called trans women “men in dresses.”


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