Switzerland is ready to vote on legalising same-sex marriage, finally


It took seven years, but this month this country will already vote on asame-sex marriage bill and it’s hard to believe. As we know, same-sex partnerships were lawful already 3 years ago, but it’s been a long work on details of a same-sex marriage bill. Last week, it was decided that country’s constitution needs no changes about same-sex marriage. On the 9th of December same-sex couples received right to have access to sperm donations if only same-sex couple abide by Swiss law. Moreover, they should tell theirkids how they were conceived. The thing is, that there should be also a final vote in the end of December before is such marriages are finally legalised. We know about “marriage for all” since 2013, but it has been only discussed and debated since that time. Although Switzerland had long and slowly way for the respecting LGBT+ rights, but the first las that bans LGBTdiscrimination has been passed only this February.


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