Transgender couple becomes parents for the first time


Michael (42) and Adrianne, transgender couple from Belfast, became parents for the first time in November. Moreover, Michael gave birth. It happened only on the third IVF try. And it’s double-happiness, because they have twins now, Christin and Mavis. A couple had not so easy way before becoming parents. Both parents decided to put their gender confirmation surgeries on hold for a couple of years, because they has a big goal; they wanted to have kids. They had many unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant, bet it had finally happened. Michael and Adrianne used Adrianne’s sperm and eggs from donor;Michael carried twins. A couple met 2005. They faced a lot of challenging minutes of life; it was homophobic abuse. It was difficult time, but ta couple said they can face anything together. “We know how it feels when you have negative pregnancy testsone after another,”Adriannesaid. Michael and Adrianne are so happy now to have tweens born from pure love.


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