Lady Maga: Trump fans are homophobes


Do you expect a warm welcome from freedom rally?Lady Maga USA, a drag queen, who supports Donald Trump, expected it too. This week [12 December] freedom rally, amarch to protest Biden’s victory, took place in Washington DC and drag queen decided to attend it. There were many Trump supportersamong attenders and of course Proud Boys. Lady Maga was sure she will march with people, who support her as well, but it hasn’t happened; many supporters rose up against Maga even with abusive heckling. A drag queen just tried to address another March attenders. She was in full drag with blonde wig and had also MAGA sash on. But some people started to scream that it is shame and very disgusting. Moreover, this incident was filmed by right-wing journalist. It’s not a secret that some of the Trump supporters are homophobe, but Lady Maga doesn’t agree. She said she loves her MAGA family. She was sure Proud Boys have nothing to do with that.


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