Debra Messing apologises for joke


Remember Debra Messing said Trump will be the most popular boyfriend in prison? So she decided to apologise for these words. Will & Grace starshared ones a post on Twitter saying that Trump is “a weak, narcissistic, scared, stupid, criminal, negligent, inept, vindictive” and made a joke about Trump in prison. These words led to genuine criticism, if course. Messing’s comment was later described as homophobic and it’s in a headline. Will & Grace star decided to apologise for her remark on this Monday [14 December]. “I always supported queer Community. Moreover, I have been an LGBT+ ally for years, it’s not a secret. I want to say I am not proud of that moment, but it was difficult for me to know how many LGBT people became victims and that’s why I wanted the tables turned on Trump. I’m sorry for choosing such an offensive way to express my thoughts,” Messing explained.


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