Did Bella Thorne jump on OnlyFans first?


23-year-oldformer Disney starBella Thorne decided she was the first to use OnlyFans, but after this statement she only faced searing backlash. “I took the hit for jumping on this platform created 4 years ago and everyone follows my steps,” she said. But OnlyFans users weren’t agree with pansexual Disney star. Thorne’s relationship with other users was not so perfect before. Sex workers found it unfair that the number of public figures onOnlyFans increases. On August 2020, Thornemade almost $1 million after joining the platform and taking opportunities from sex workers. Her “nude” picture made OnlyFans creators cap the amount for the content. “I just wanted to bring more users in a such way. But OnlyFans should remove the stigma behind sex workers and negativity connected with the word SEX,” Thorne explained. Sex workers were also shocked when Bella mad announcement about her Christmas sale.


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