Former Queen’s chaplain leaves the Church of England because of its ‘political correctness ‘


The Queen’s former Anglican chaplain has said he is converting to Catholicism because he disagrees with the policy launched in the Church of England in support of LGBT+ believers. Gavin Ashenden, who also happens to be a climate change denier, personally quit the Church of England in 2017. He resigned from his position in protest over increasing inclusion of LGBT+ people, and said that his view on what Christianity is are different from the views recently proclaimed by the church. He said he believes “what Catholicism teaches us is true”, and that he has “come to the conclusion that in some important respects Britain is starting to resemble Soviet-era Eastern Europe”. Ashenden described what he calls “today’s threat” as “Marxism 2.0” and the new iron curtain was to come. He added: “I now believe only the Catholic church has the courage, integrity and conviction to hold the Christian ground…,” he added


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