British media are crazy about the Grafs’ future baby, though there are many other transgender parents


British tabloids are visibly excited that Jake and Hannah Graf are expecting a baby. They repeatedly call them “Britain’s first transgender parents”. Although it is really amazing that the Grafs started a parenting journey, they are definitely not the first transgender people to make such a decision. Ruth Pearce, a sociologist who wrote the book Understanding Trans Health published by Bristol University Press, said on Twitter that there are many families in Britain where at least one of parents is trans. When both are, like the Grafs, it is a much less common situation, but still, the media mislead people saying that parenting is not something for trans people. If trans people want to have a family, they can easily do it. Those who are yet to perform a gender reassignment surgery or have no plans to do it at all do not even need any ARTs to be parents. Those who have undergone surgery, can apply to reproductive clinics (and they still can have their biological children if they freeze their eggs and sperm in advance) for help or adopt. Despite the stories being largely positive, some Twitter users also called out the Daily Mail for running pre-transition photos of Jake and Hannah Graf.


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